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  1. Paws and Feathers Details
    Breeder of all exotic parrots: Greys - Macaws - Cockatoos - Parrotlets - Conures - Quakers - Cockatiels - Mutations.
    Hudson FL, USA

  2. Singing Wings Aviary Details
    We are bird breeders that provide a variety of quality Finches, Canaries and exotic birds at affordable prices! Shipping is available within the US. Our website provides lots of great bird photos and species information. Finches: Gouldian, Java, Zebra, Owl, Society, Spice, European Goldfinch, European Greenfinch, Grey Singer, Shafttail, Saffron, Cordon Blue, Strawberry, Diamond Firetail, Melba, Swee, Nuns & much more.
    London AR, USA

  3. Parrotdise Aviaries Details
    We SPECIALIZE in AMAZON PARROTS! Also breed Lovebirds, finches, conures, quakers and more!
    Puyallup WA, USA

  4. CDP Aviary Details
    Specializing in Quaker Parrots. Blue, Green, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Blue, Pallid, Pallid Blue and splits.
    Logansport LA, USA

  5. D&R Bird Farm Details
    Breeders of quakers, Indian ringnecks and lovebirds.
    TX, USA.


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